what is production music ?

Production Music (or Library Music) is music specifically written for inclusion in audio and audio-visual productions, such as advertisements, broadcast programmes, film and video productions. Using Production Music is a convenient and cost-effective way of obtaining high quality music for synchronisation and dubbing into such productions.

what are the advantages of using production music ?

There are no pre-clearance formalities in the use of Production Music MCPS has an online licence application form that is quick and simple to use Once a licence is issued by MCPS (or relevant collection agency outside the UK), all rights normally required are cleared. MCPS publishes a rate card for Production Music which enables users to budget accurately. For more details contact MCPS media licensing on 020 7306 4500 or go to www.mcps.co.uk/productionmusiclicence/

how do I use production music ?

First register with the MCPS as a user of production music. You will be issued with a P number, you can then register your use of music online with MCPS For more details contact MCPS media licensing on 020 7306 4500 or go to www.mcps.co.uk/productionmusiclicence/ 

can the music be downloaded ?

One you have registered with Vibey Library you can download all tracks in either WAV format or MP3 320 kpbs ready for use in your productions.

Is this music covered by copyright ?

All music on this site is covered by copyright. Downloads from this site are free but you must be registered with the MCPS or relevant collection agency outside the uk in order to obtain a licence to use the music in your productions